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Education and Savings Plan

Your life is important and so is protecting your loved ones from sudden financial loss.

But, do not just buy, we will help you compare and understand policy plans before making that purchase. 

We have helped 100’s of clients.

BH helps you optimize your decision making process — whether you’re just starting out or you want to discover more benefits of your current life insurance policy.

But we cannot help you on our own, we need your help to evaluate your risk exposure and guide you through.

So, tell us a little more about yourself and your financial goals to point us in the right direction…

Shop, place and get cover from us and skip the long wait in a physical insurance office.

Our focus is on offering an easy, hassle-free shopping experience by bringing you insurance solutions that help you shop wherever you are, whenever you want at the beckon of a call.


So will you gamble or will you make the right call?

Why Life Insurance should be part of your Long-term Financial Wellbeing.

Protection from financial worry originating from permanent disability, critical ailment or even a loss of life.

An opportunity to save and plan for the future,to cover obvious financial expenses and obligations.

Cover financial risks resulting from liabilities such as mortgage, loans, credit card debts, college fund.