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Student Travel Insurance

As an international student, peace of mind is a priority when you study abroad. 

Make your educational adventure or cultural exchange program an enjoyable experience with peace of mind.

As your insurance broker, we have the advantage of collective comparison, we help you compare different quotes, so you can get the best cover at the most affordable cost.

All we care about is to help you take care of yourself, so they can take care of your hustle.

We have helped 100’s of clients.

We take a detailed look at you as a customer and your circumstances and recommend what cover you should have, then we help you buy it in a seamless and effortless process. 

We are glad you are here so we can tip you off on the basics to get you started in creating and building the best version of you financially and you transition to the real world.

What is International Student Travel Insurance?

It’s an emergency medical emergency plan designed to provide medical coverage for illnesses or injuries that occur while you’re traveling for study. It also offers access to a network of medical providers and 24-hour travel assistance and support. 


Why you need Travel insurance

Different travel insurance products provide varied additional cover benefits; you can get in touch with us to get quotes and compare different travel plans from leading travel insurers.