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Group Personal Accident Cover & WIBA

Safeguard against accidents.

Reward staff and attract new talent with our GPA and WIBA combined policy.

Besides providing an excellent workplace and fair wages, showing that you care for your employees is essential. 

A cover that protects the employers if an employee is injured or disabled following a critical illness or accidental event while at work.

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At Bima Hakika we get you the right Group Personal Accident & WIBA policy for your workforce at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Group cover that provides compensation to any of  the insured for physical and visible body injury caused in an accident. It goes on to cover individuals if the injury as a sole cause results in death or disablement.

WIBA is an Act of Parliament that came into effect in December 2007. Every employer is bound to compensate employees for any death / injury while on duty. 

Payment is for Death, Disability, and Medical expenses including funeral costs. The Labour office administers all claims under this act and directs the employer on amounts payable. WIBA Insurance is meant to protect the employer by compensating the employees.

Also known as WIBA Plus, is a combination of the workmen injury benefit act (WIBA) and Group Personal Accident (GPA) covers, intended to give an employer a one stop solution for employee insurance that extends to 24hrs 365 days. It addresses the workplace risk as well as off-duty risks.

While payouts under the WIBA section is standard as per the Act, benefits under the GPA cover can be tailored to suit individual needs – say multiplier on 3, 5, or 8 years annual salary.

Why you WIPA/GPA Insurance.


What’s covered

  • Cover for accidental injuries and work-related illness.
  • Includes a more generous cover combining both WIBA & GPA Benefits.
  • Extends coverage to 24hrs/ 365 days.
  • The accidental injuries, disease, death arising during working hours  covered by WIBA while accidental injuries and death which arise outside working hours are covered under GPA.

Benefits schedule

  • Combines the benefits of both WIBA & GPA to comprehensively compensate an insured employee.
  • This is a summary only - read more for the details 

Scope of Coverage

  • Cover for accidental injuries and work-related illness.
  • Compensation is as per the WIBA Act 2007.
  • Protection restricted to working hours.
  • This is the mandatory basic cover by law in Kenya.

Benefits Schedule per the Act.

  • Benefits based on salary & degree of injury.
  • Death benefit is 96 Months Earnings
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefit is 96 months salary.
  • Medical benefit limited to Kshs.100,000
  • Funeral expenses limited to Kshs 30,000/-​


Scope of Coverage

  • Covers bodily injury caused solely and directly by accident.
  • Cover limits can be tailored as per employer’s preference.
  • Covers remain in force both on duty and off duty 24hrs.
  • This is a supplementary cover to WIBA and not a substitute

Tailored & Flexible Benefits Schedule

  • Death ​
  • Permanent Disability ​
  • Temporary Total Disability  ​
  • Medical Expenses ​
  • Hospital Cash (Weekly earnings)
  • Funeral Expenses.

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