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Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is health Insurance? A health insurance policy is a legal contract between an insurance company and the owner of the policy which details various conditions under which the insurance company will be responsible for the costs of medical care of the policyholder which could be themselves, their family, or employees. What is the cost […]

Why buy comprehensive Health insurance?

Why buy a comprehensive Health insurance. The last thing you want in old age is to worry about the costs of future medical treatment you may need! Everyone wants to enjoy their later years with peace of mind, knowing that health needs will be well looked after without financial burden. How can I know what […]

Senior Citizen Medical Cover

Over 60 years or even 80? Don’t worry, we thought about it, you can’t live without this! Studies have proved that access to quality healthcare aids in promoting longevity, and as people get older, the need for quality senior health insurance grows. As you age, you are increasingly prone to disease and injury, so it […]

Individual Health Insurance

They say health is wealth and that could never be too far from the truth. Good health is indeed one’s most precious asset to have and should be protected at all costs. While our national healthcare and healthcare insurance systems are under a massive overhaul, the value of health insurance cannot be overstated. Being without […]