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Senior Citizen Medical Cover

Over 60 years or even 80? Don’t worry, we thought about it, you can’t live without this!

Studies have proved that access to quality healthcare aids in promoting longevity, and as people get older, the need for quality senior health insurance grows.

As you age, you are increasingly prone to disease and injury, so it is important that you are properly insured.

Many adult children are assisting their aging parents in the search for seniors’ health insurance, so understanding the options is essential for everyone involved.

When shopping for health insurance, senior citizens have a leaner number of options; thus, finding the right coverage can be tricky but do not worry that is where we come in.

This is because for senior citizens, most insurance companies won’t cover you if you are 65+ years of age or older. However, there are those insurance companies that may still cover senior citizens and we will help you find them.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your senior parents, we will help you get the perfect coverage.

With advances in medical technology and pharmaceutical solutions, people are living longer than ever but on the other side medical costs are skyrocketing.

Without health insurance, medical bills are running families into bankruptcy.


Senior Health Insurance options;

If you are 65 and older, you have limited ways to obtain senior medical insurance. With the rising cost of healthcare, having just the right plan may be sufficient to provide the coverage you may desperately need.

The following are some of the most common options for senior medical insurance:

  • NHIF Supa Cover
  • Inpatient private health insurance
  • Out-patient private health insurance
  • Comprehensive Medicare insurance

What scope of cover is available for Seniors;

In-patient private Level: This is the basic mandatory level of health insurance which covers inpatient treatment, where you stay in a hospital bed for the day or overnight.

Out-patient Level: This caters for walk-in treatment services, where you receive treatment or see a consultant, but do not need a hospital bed. The amount you can claim for outpatient treatment is usually capped with the cover limit purchased.

In-patient & Out-patient: This is the most comprehensive health cover level that offers both in-patient and out-patient cover benefits and is the most ideal for a family.

NHIF Basic Cover: NHIF health insurance is compulsory government health insurance program for all eligible citizens and older people. It offers basic cover for all government hospital expenses and some private facilities, the cover costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries.

Bima Hakika’s Wiz

If cost is not a factor and you are trying to find health insurance for elderly parents, be aware that a private health insurance plan can be paired with NHIF. NHIF is however, statutory hence mandatory cover.

This is an effective way of ensuring you have sufficient coverage as NHIF cover does have limitations. As independent insurance agents we can help you review your private plan to understand any exclusions on the policy so that you can avoid gaps in your coverage.

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