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Travel hacks that can save you money, space and time?

World travellers use these simple and money-saving travel hacks to save while on their trips across the globe.  Hack 1: Book directly Book accommodations directly through the hotel or Airbnb website, rather than using booking platforms that charge extra fees. Search for the direct website of the hotel or Airbnb. These are significantly cheaper than […]

6 reasons to get travel cover for your trip?

Obviously, when planning a trip there are many expenses that go into it, such as plane tickets, tour packages, hotel bookings, cruise fare and so forth. If these costs are pre-paid and non-refundable you may end up losing a lot of money if you cancel a trip in case something goes wrong. Or even worse, […]

Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Which trip cancellation reasons are covered by travel insurance? Insurance companies will always provide you with a list of covered reasons for trip cancellations. Always ask for the list of covered reasons for trip cancellation from your insurer to ensure you understand the scope of cover you get. However, the most common cases are; Sickness, […]