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Student Health Insurance

Private comprehensive health insurance for students & children.

We do health insurance differently – helping you research, compare and shop for best value health insurance solutions; just more coverage with less hassle.

We help you find the right health insurance policy for your child at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your phone.

Protect your budget with us.

We have helped 100’s of clients.

BH helps you optimize your decision making process — whether you’re just starting out or you want to discover more benefits of your current health insurance policy.

Medical insurance need not be costly, there are plenty of affordable plans available which can give you peace of mind in the event you or your loved ones fall ill.

So, Just tell us a little more about yourself and your health insurance needs to point us in the right direction…

Why Buy Your Travel Insurance with us?

Whether you are worried about an experience someone you know has had or want access to a specific hospital or quicker access to a specialist.

There are a variety of health insurance products and policies to choose from which should help you to meet your requirements.

All you have to do is request for a comparison with us before you make a decision.


Available Health insurance options in the market

It’s your choice to design your ideal cover. 

You can either select the options most important to you or take a more comprehensive approach. 

You can add various levels of cover benefits, while keeping the policy affordable for you.  These assorted options include;

Shop and compare with Us and Become part of our charity GiveBack.

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