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Senior Health Insurance

Over 60 years or even 80?

Don’t worry, we thought about it, you can’t live without this!

All Senior Citizens are covered simply and easily.

As you age, you are increasingly prone to disease and injury, so it is important that you are properly insured.

However, access to health insurance becomes limited as we grow older but not with Bima Hakika.

When shopping for health insurance, senior citizens have a leaner number of options; thus,

finding the right coverage can be tricky but do not worry that is where we come in.

With our partners’ superior seniors’ plans, you can be sure that you have a solid backup. 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your senior parents, we will find the right health insurance policy for you at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your phone.

Why buy comprehensive Senior Health insurance?

Without health insurance, medical bills are running families into bankruptcy. Protect yourself today. We have helped 100’s of clients.


Already Covered? Good, here is something you should know.

As independent insurance agents we can help you review your private plan to

understand any exclusions on the policy so that you can avoid gaps in your future coverage.

Find out by comparing different providers with us, you could get better premiums and even better cover. You never know! Until you try.

Let's review your current coverage!

Shop and compare with Us and Become part of our charity GiveBack.

Want to Learn More?

To get the most out of your seniors’ health coverage, it is important you select a policy that best meets your needs now and for the years ahead.

The good news is it only takes a few minutes to compare a range of options based on your health care needs. Our agents will guide you through everything and help you find the best policy that suits you.

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