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Motor Insurance

The Car Insurance Savings You Expect!

Whether you're looking for affordable car insurance rates, personalized vehicle coverage, or great service, Bima Hakika has you covered for it all!

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For 10+ years, Bima Hakika has been providing affordable car insurance with outstanding customer service. Come see why your neighbors love us so much.

Why you need Car Insurance?

Depending on the type of cover you choose, car insurance can help cover the cost of damage to your car  or other people’s cars and property, as well as injury to third parties, if you’re ever in a car accident.


What’s covered

  1. Cover for accidental damage to the car.
  2. Cover for theft or attempted theft.
  3. Extends to covers car accessories.
  4. Covers damage to third party injury and property damage.
  5. Windscreen & Window Glass cover
  6. Entertainment Unit cover
  7. Strike & Riot Cover
  8. Towing charges
  9. Medical Expenses

Extra benefits & upgrade include

  • Hired Car after an accident (Courtesy car).
  • Own Damage Excess Protection Cover
  • Political Violence and Terrorism Cover
  • Personal Accident cover for Driver

This is a summary only - read more for the details 


What’s covered

  • Covers damage to third party injuries.
  • Covers damage to third party property only.
  • This is the mandatory basic cover by law in Kenya.

Extra benefits & upgrade include

  • Fire & Theft Cover
  • Personal Accident cover for driver.

Protect your budget and your cars with us.

We have helped 100’s of clients.

BH helps you optimize your decision-making process whether you’re just starting out or you want to discover more benefits of your current car insurance policy.

All you have to do is request for a comparison with us before you make a decision.