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What is Excess or Deductible? 

This is the amount of loss to be borne by the insured in the event of a claim and as stated in the primary policy schedule.

What is an Excess Protector?

This is a benefit that is purchased and added to a car insurance policy at inception of cover to protect the insured from paying any excess fee when a motor claim is reported.

What is No Blame No Excess?

When your car is involved in a collision with another vehicle, and the other driver was entirely at fault as detailed clearly in the police abstract. The insurance company agrees to cover damages to your car fully without charging an Excess fee from you.


How much does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost?

When it comes to the cost of insurance, there is no one shoe fits all. There are a few factors that determine the amount you pay for your car insurance policy. These include the coverages you choose, your car value (the maximum amount of money insurance will pay for a covered claim), Year of Manufacture, Use of the vehicle and your deductible/Excess fee you are willing to take up (the amount you pay out-of-pocket for a covered claim).

Can I pay my car insurance premium in installments?

Motor insurance cover is an annual cover, which means the premium is payable once in a year. For motor, premiums should be paid on commencement of cover, where an insurer allows for partial payments short-term(monthly) cover is issued until full payment is received.

What is Insurance Premium Financing?

Banks offer a premium financing loan in an arrangement termed as IPF (Insurance Premium Financing), this attracts some interest. However, you get flexible premium payment in installments. The bank will pay the insurer the full premium upfront on your behalf then you will repay the bank in installments usually up to 10 months.

What happens to my policy if I fail to pay an insurance premium? 

Failure to pay insurance premiums as stipulated under the contract is a breach of policy terms and leads to termination of the contract by the insurer.

How do I make a car insurance claim? 

You must report any loss or damage to us immediately and submit all the necessary documents as required by the insurer, our claim assistant will guide you on all the necessary steps and hand-hold you through the whole process as you are required to co-operate to facilitate smooth handling of the claim and faster claim determination.

What happens if I sell my insured car?

Car insurance being a personal contract it is not transferable to other parties. Thus, in the event you sell your car, you will need to inform us and the insurer in writing, then we will immediately facilitate suspension or cancellation of cover  and transfer cover to your new car upon request. In the case of cancellation, a prorated premium refund is applicable.

What do I need to do in case of a motor accident?

Most importantly, don’t panic or get angry.  Don’t leave the scene of an accident even if you are capable of doing so. Immediately note the license plate number of other involved vehicles, color and model just in case someone refused to give you insurance information. Exchange information with the other driver if possible. 

Don’t accept blame, just wait for the police to arrive as they provide an objective witness to the event. Give your full description of the accident only to the investigating police officer and get a police abstract.

Take photos of the accident scene and contact us as soon as you can through our helpline or Email bimahakika@gmail.com.


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This article is written by our Principal Officer Winnie M., who has vast insurance and financial knowledge spanning over 10+ years in the industry. You can write to her and/or share feedback with us via this email bimahakika@gmail.com

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