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Why buy comprehensive Health insurance?

Why buy a comprehensive Health insurance.

The last thing you want in old age is to worry about the costs of future medical treatment you may need!

Everyone wants to enjoy their later years with peace of mind, knowing that health needs will be well looked after without financial burden.

How can I know what health cover is enough?

With customized health insurance we work together to produce policies tailored specifically to meet your current and future health needs without having to pay for things you do not need hence saving you money and the shopping hassle.

For instance, “Why pay for obstetrics when having more children is not on your plan anymore? And why miss treatments you are more likely to need like cardiac-related procedures, palliative care, or hospital accommodation in a private room? You may even have a chronic condition, such as arthritis, that could be better managed with a specialist in the private medical facility.”

We exist to give our clients more benefits and better coverage, while investing a higher percentage of your premiums to improve services and keep you happy and donating every tenth to charity click to sign up your charity.

With the diverse options that are available and the many coverage combinations you can obtain, finding the right seniors health insurance can be difficult.This is why it is important to work with a trusted brand promise professional at Bima Hakika. Let us remove the guesswork out of the equation.

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What you need to know about Seniors health Insurance;

Why do I need to supplement NHIF with a private medical cover?

While NHIF has a great public health system, it does not provide the comprehensive level of cover you may need as a senior. Also, you may not get to choose the doctor or surgeon you want or even a private hospital room.

Why purchase tailored seniors cover?

Health insurance for seniors over 65 takes care of the unique needs of older people. Rather than spending money paying for pregnancy services, you will be covered for medical treatments that might be a necessity like cardiac or spinal procedures.

Skip the long-public hospital waiting lists?

The last thing you want as a senior is to be placed on a lengthy waiting list to receive treatment at a public hospital. With the right private senior health cover, you can skip the public waiting lists and get back to enjoying your life of retirement.

Get access to annual free medical checkups and clinics?

Depending on one’s level of cover, one could take advantage of some of the many preventative therapies and medical check-ups to help maintain good health and quality of life. Treatments such as physiotherapy, chiro or alternative therapies are allowed in some policies.

Variety of choice for hospitals and specialists?

A competitive private health insurance choice means there are plenty of hospitals and specialists to choose from.

Free comparison and variety of choice?

Take our platform for example. You can compare the policies of 10+ private health insurers who all aim to provide you with the best benefits for your health needs. A competitive private health insurance industry means there are plenty of enhanced cover options for you to choose from.

Bima Hakika’s Wiz

A best value senior policy will cover all the common health conditions that affect the elderly. Some of these benefits will not be covered under a standard policy for a younger individual.

Already got some cover? Great. See why you may need to review it?

If you already have health insurance and it has been a while since you updated it, now is the best time to review that medical policy.

  • If you have had the same policy for years, it is always worth reviewing the benefits and premiums you pay. You might be surprised at just how much you could save by transferring your cover to a specific seniors’ policy.
  • Unfortunately, as we age, medical issues creep up without any warning. The policy you took out five years ago may not provide you with the level of cover you need right now and, in the future, so it is about time you revisit your scope of cover.
  • If you are thinking about switching your policy to a cover with equivalent benefits. A policy that offers a better deal than your existing one is worth considering but ensure you will not miss important medical care when you need it the most.

Bima Hakika’s Wiz

If you decide to switch to health insurance with a lower level of cover or to another insurer, you may be exposed to waiting periods for some treatments. Using an industry trusted agent like us and with better utilization report we could get you off the hook.

Why not review your health insurance policy today with us? As a provider with one of the biggest networks to compare, choose and buy in Kenya, you are guaranteed to find a great policy for you.

Bima Hakika’s Wiz

To get the most out of your senior’s health cover, it is important you select a policy that best meets your needs now and for the years ahead.

The good news is it only takes a few minutes to compare a range of options based on your health care needs. Our agents will guide you through everything and help you find the best policy that suits you.

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