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The secret to creating an engaged, motivated, and loyal workforce is out.

If you are trading in this day and age, the probability is 50% of your workforce is millennial. Research identifies a millennial as anyone born between the years 1981-2000. Millennials are the most connected generation in history.

Having so much information at their disposal has allowed them to know what they want and what they do not wish to.

The study has shown that good company culture encourages collaboration, fosters team spirit, and gives employees a sense of belonging. Engaged employees stay longer with current employers and are more loyal to the brand.

We are glad you are here so we can tip you off on the basics to get you started in creating the best team for your company.

All we care about is to help you take care of your people, so they can take care of your business.

According to a study conducted by BrighterMonday in 2018, completely ignoring your employee’s needs and remaining rigidly stuck to old ways will only cost you.

Millennials have built and sprung many companies to the million-dollar mark. We know what matters to them;

  • Flexibility for millennials means more time to incorporate other important facets of life like family, personal interests, and hobbies. AA’s recent BrighterMonday report showed that employees require family support from employers and that it influences their performance and productivity.
  • Also, being involved in meaningful work, and supporting great causes and projects that drive change are important to millennials because there ought to be purpose in the work they do.

The research showed that companies need to have authentic CSR activities as millennials tend to pick up insincerity; therefore social causes must reflect authenticity.

With the WendySurance platform, these two essential life needs are catered for so you can worry about more important business concerns.

Let us be your insurance department; we will help you research available insurance options, do price comparison among products, and get you customized coverage based on your company’s insurance needs.

Health Insurance: Group Life Insurance: Group Pension and Retirement Plans: Umbrella Business Insurance.

Health Insurance:

No one anticipates sickness. But sometimes, it is unexpected. The true pain for the employee and loved ones becomes very apparent when the pressure of medical bills set in. To avoid such occurrences, protect your employees beforehand. Get them affordable medical cover to help cater for any hospital bills. Your team will thank you for it. With medical cover, they can concentrate on growing their business as opposed to worrying about unforeseen medical bills.

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