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Purchasing a Life Policy

Why the first thing is taking a step back.

Now that you know your risk exposure, you might be asking yourself how you can get started. We have seen many customers dive head-first into buying a life insurance policy. But that is a tricky business.

It is a lot of quick guesswork that might burn your fingers in the end.

It requires a lot of intricate information sharing before you can make the right policy purchase. Slow down, take a step back, and talk to our professional advisors, it might take a few questions but it’s perfect results.

“Life insurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense.” Howard Wight, CLU Wights Financial Concepts Newsletter.

Instead of jumping in too quickly, take a step back. Thanks to technology, Bima Hakika is already doing the heavy lifting by integrating into your decision-making journey. With the help of our team of advisors we perfectly match your needs into existing and new insurance products, helping you gain deeper insights into available options without additional effort and too much time from you.

All you need to do is make sure you equip us with accurate information that is necessary to set you up to get the most value out of available insurance products.

We’ve outlined three key considerations everyone should check to identify their life insurance needs.

Define your life insurance solution goal upfront.

Much like any other financial decision, insurance policies work best when they serve clearly defined goals.

Your goal not only works to give you focus and commitment but also it helps your financial advisor tailor-make a product that best addresses your goal. Make sure your goal is quantifiable, and measurable. Doing this upfront will help you define and measure the success of your insurance policy in covering your anticipated risk exposure.

A life insurance policy is as good as the customer provided information

Here is a golden rule to remember: an insurance advisor recommendation is only as good as the information given by the customer.

So, to get effective advice, you must give the right data for the problem you are trying to solve. And not just a few data points. Financial advisors need a lot of data to learn — think hundreds of thousands of data points.

Your information must be formatted, cleaned, and organized for our financial and risk exposure planning, it will need to accommodate both your budget and risk needs. Do not worry, we excel in this.

Trust a diverse team with the right mindset

Our team of skilled experience advisors will walk with you to establish your specific insurance needs, advise on critical points when it comes to purchase, guide you on the most budget-friendly options, and the added benefit of accessible after-sales service.

 That is why engaging a cross-functional team is essential to a pain-free experience. To get the most out of the insurance industry as a customer, you need the right team with the right mindset in your corner.

Our team adopted a cultural shift away from the traditional insurance, one that prioritizes seamless customer experience, customer feedback and rewards customer loyalty.

How our business model powers your purchase journey.

A deep dive into the salient benefits and opportunities of using Bima Hakika.com;

  1. Need analysis discovery: Identify your most valuable insurance needs.
  2. Creative solutions: Quickly get the most practical solutions for your risks.
  3. Stay informed and in control: with our platform, you stay informed and control is in your hands.

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